In a world where everything we see seems to be filtered through TV screens controlled by giant media conglomerates, Horizon Cybermedia  aims to be a breath of fresh air. We present a bold, independent new vision to the viewer.

Horizon Cybermedia  is constantly researching and improving our techniques and methodologies. Expect to see a site and company in constant flux, always growing and changing, always expanding our vision.

American Castle: The Secret World of William Randolph Hearst  is one of many media productions to come. The series has eight episodes currently available online. Check out the series now available for rent and purchase on our  Vimeo VOD Site.  The first episode is available to stream for free.

The film series Exploration with Uday Gunjikar  is a video travelogue recounting my visits to interesting locations across the globe. The films in the series relate my sojourns to the ski resorts of Big Bear Lake, Ca,; to Calcutta, India; to the wineries of Sonoma County, CA, and to Elephanta Island, off the coast of Mumbai, India. Additional films in the series will transport you to the rock-cut Buddhist Kanheri Cave Temples near Mumbai, India and to Half Moon Bay, CA.

Welcome to the journey! Here's expecting a long and enjoyable voyage of discovery and the exploration of exciting new horizons!




  • to explore new horizons in digital media

  • To be a positive voice in the media space 

  • to put artistic integrity above mercenary interests

  • to make a truthful, meaningful artistic statement